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Snatcher on a rampage: Killed ASI in Mayapuri, took a hostage



Snatcher on a rampage: Killed ASI in Mayapuri, took a hostage

Snatcher on a rampage: Killed ASI in Mayapuri, took a hostage

NEW DELHI: High-voltage drama played out at Mayapuri’s B block on the afternoon of January 4 when a snatcher stabbed a cop who had caught him shortly after he targeted a couple and snatched their mobile phone.

It has now emerged that after stabbing ASI Shambhu Dayal, the criminal, Anish, tried to flee by snatching a bike at knife-point.

When he failed, he went to a building and took a man hostage by holding his knife on his neck. It was after an hour-long drama that the cops managed to control the situation, free the hostage and nab the snatcher.

The shocking incident not only shows how a clueless Delhi Police allowed a petty snatcher to go on the rampage, watching him helplessly, but also exposes their lack of preparedness in handling such situations.

After stabbing policeman, snatcher forcibly stopped biker, threatened him with a knife If this is how they handled a petty criminal who didn't have a gun, I can only imagine their response in grave situations," said a retired top cop.

Sources said that a woman, Vandana, had walked to the Mayapuri police station in west Delhi around 4pm on January 4 to complain that she and her husband were targeted by a snatcher who took away their cellphone. ASI Shambhu Dayal, who was assigned the case, went to a JJ cluster with the victim to look for the suspect and managed to nab Anish after the victim identified him.

As they approached building number B-115, Anish whipped out a knife and started stabbing the cop. He stabbed the policeman in the neck, chest, stomach and back.

The cops claimed in their statement that “the police staff of PS Mayapuri immediately reached the spot, overpowered the accused and recovered the knife”. However, what actually happened was that the snatcher fled the scene after stabbing the cop.

After going some distance, he forcibly stopped a biker and sat on his bike after threatening him with a knife. When he asked the man to drive, the man, somehow, managed to run away, abandoning his bike.

The accused then entered a factory functioning from a nearby building and threatened the labourers. He then caught hold of a man named Kuldeep and brought him to the balcony with a knife on his neck.

As the hour-long drama reached its climax, the cops finally managed to assemble at the spot and overpower the snatcher. He was taken into custody and handcuffed.

Meanwhile, the injured cop was rushed to the hospital where he died during treatment on Sunday. The police have now booked the snatcher for murder. Police said Anish was a listed “bad character” of the Mayapuri area and was involved in more than four cases of snatchings. “He is very desperate and carries a knife with him,” police said.

Jai Kishan, brother-in-law of the deceased cop, said Anish should be given the strictest punishment in the case so that no one would dare attack cops or the common people. “When Shambhu was being attacked, instead of watching, people should have intervened,” he said.

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