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Second Phase Of Lok Sabha Election 2019



Second Phase Of Lok Sabha Election 2019

Second phase of Lok Sabha election 2019 is taking place on 18 April (Thursday). Phase 2 Lok Sabha election states are Assam, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur, Odhisa, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Chhattisgarh & Union Territory Puducherry.

The voting time for the phase 2 election is from 7 am to 6 pm. Around 1600 candidates are contesting on 95 seats for the second phase of Lok Sabha election 2019.The general election is taking place in seven phases, the poling date for national election are 2019 are: April 11, April 18, April 23, April 29, May 6, May 12, & May 19.

Tamil Nadu holds the key in the second phase of the Lok Sabha Election 2019. Glitches in the electronic voting machine(EVM)were reported during early hours of polling.

Alongside Tamil Nadu, the elections are taking place for 14 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka, 10 in Maharashtra, 8 in Uttar Pradesh, 5 in Assam, Bihar & Odhisa, 3 each in Chhattisgarh & West Bengal, 2 in Jammu & Kashmir and 1 seat in Puducherry and Manipur.

In the early hours of voting several politicians 7 other famous personalities cast their vote. Among the early voters were Superstar Rajnikant, Actor who turned into politician Kamal Haasan & his daughter.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to voters to come out and exercise their franchise. PM Modi tweeted “Dear citizens of India, Phase 2 of the Lok Sabha elections starts today. I am sure whose seats are polling today will strengthen our democracy by exercising their franchise. I hope more youngsters head to the polling booths and vote.