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New BH-series drives in one pan-India vehicle registration



New BH-series drives in one pan-India vehicle registration

New BH-series drives in one pan-India vehicle registration

Voluntary facility will end the need for re-registration on relocation from one State to another.

In a move to bring in one vehicle registration valid across the country, the government today introduced a new registration mark called the Bharat Series (BH), effective September 15.

With the BH-series, vehicles will not require any transfer of registration and will be valid across the country, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) said.

Through a gazette notification issued on Friday, the government said this scheme will allow free movement of personal vehicles across States/Union Territories. Currently, a person is allowed to keep vehicle for a maximum of one year in any State other than the one it is registered in. Owners have to get such vehicles re-registered before the expiry of one year (12 months).

The government said the facility will be available on a voluntary basis to Defence personnel as well as Central and State government employees. Employees of private companies having offices in four or more States can also take advantage of this facility, it said.

Random generation

“… registration of vehicle under the BH series, opted voluntarily by the vehicle owner, the registration mark shall be generated randomly through the portal after verification of working certificate in Form 60 or official identity card, as the case may be, by the registering authority,” MoRTH said in a statement.

It said that an IT-based solution for vehicle registration will remove “one of the pain points in the vehicle registration process… while moving to another State.”

The format

The registration mark for BH-series vehicles will be generated randomly through the portal and shall be in black on white background. The BH-series registration mark format will be YY BH #### XX, giving the last two digits of the year of registration (YY), the BS Code, followed by four numerals and two letters from the alphabet, the Ministry said.

MV tax for 2 years

The Motor Vehicles Tax for BH-series vehicles shall be levied electronically through the portal for two years, or in multiples of two, as the case may be, MoRTH added. It said the MV Tax levied by States or Union Territories at the time of registration will be 8 per cent for BH-series non-transport vehicles below ₹10-lakh value with two per cent extra charge for diesel vehicles, but two per cent less for electric vehicles.

“In the case of fully built non-transport vehicles, the Motor Vehicle Tax shall be calculated electronically through the portal on the basis of the invoice price, excluding the Goods and Services Tax (GST),” it said.