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What ails Joshimath: Seven points



What ails Joshimath: Seven points

NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) are in regular touch with local authorities in Joshimath, monitoring the situation and relocating affected families to safety.

Here are the seven inputs from the Centre’s fact-finding team and experts assessment on the latest sinking of landmass in Joshimath:

  1. Settled on approx 500m of debris from past landslides, the town has low soil bearing capacity
  2. No drainage system due to unplanned settlement and water seeping in has further reduced the bearing capacity
  3. NTPC tunnel may be the cause but no expert from GSI, IIT Roorkee, WIHG had commented on that yet
  4. Population and tourism pressure leading to deforestation and occupancy of unstable land areas
  5. Sub-surface ground motion leading to development of cracks
  6. Leakage and flow of water at places located below buildings
  7. However, source of water not yet identified and requires further investigation

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