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PM announces LPG price cut by Rs 100 on International Women’s Day



PM announces LPG price cut by Rs 100 on International Women's Day

PM announces LPG price cut by Rs 100 on International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a reduction of Rs 100 in the prices of LPG cylinders. The revised prices will come into effect beginning midnight.

In an X post, PM Narendra Modi said, “Today, on Women’s Day, our Government has decided to reduce LPG cylinder prices by Rs. 100.”

“This will significantly ease the financial burden on millions of households across the country, especially benefiting our Nari Shakti,” the Prime Minister tweeted.

“By making cooking gas more affordable, we also aim to support the well-being of families and ensure a healthier environment. This is in line with our commitment to empowering women and ensuring ‘Ease of Living’ for them,” he wrote on X.

Quoting the Prime Minister’s tweet, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath expressed gratitude and said the decision was in public welfare.

“Today, on the occasion of ‘Women’s Day’, the decision of discount of ₹ 100 in the prices of LPG cylinder will provide financial relief to crores of families and will also provide a healthy and happy life to the mother power by freeing them from smoke and pollution.”

“On behalf of the people of the state, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you, Respected Prime Minister, for this public welfare gift that honors the mother power and preserves the environment!” a rough translation from the Chief Minister’s post in Hindi suggested.

On March 1, Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) announced a price hike for 19 kg commercial LPG gas cylinders.

With the hike, the 19 kg commercial LPG gas cylinder was being available for Rs 1,795.00 in Delhi.

The revised prices of commercial gas cylinders in Kolkata were Rs 1,911.00, Rs 1,749.00 in Mumbai, and Rs 1,960.50 in Chennai.

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