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After 4 months of coma, amnesia, woman regains memory and says husband tried to kill her

Madhuri Chand was found unconscious at a construction site in Pulprahladpur four months ago. She was in coma for two months and suffered memory loss later. The Delhi police could not find any eye witnesses and had to wait till she regained memory.

Ravi Singh, alias Tinku, was arrested from his village in Muzaffarnagar after Madhuri identified him as her attacker.

She answered a call from a wrong number this April and each event thereafter was a blur for 23-year-old Madhuri Rajput of western Uttar Pradesh’s Kanaur.

Seduced by a sweet-talking Lothario, she got hitched, ditched, bludgeoned with a brick and left for dead in a comatose state. Until she regained her senses in a New Delhi hospital and remembered the man who ruined her life for the little money she stole from her family before eloping with him.

“When I woke up from coma after two-and-a-half months at Batra hospital last month, police asked who attacked me. I couldn’t say. I thought I would go mad. I didn’t remember anything,” she said.

“It took me about three weeks to recall the night of June 13 when my husband tried to kill me.”

Delhi police arrested her husband, Ravi Singh alias Tinku, from his home in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur district on October 6.

The days went by like a blur for Madhuri after she took that purposefully made misdialed call. Love blossomed and she spent hours speaking to the caller.

“I fled home on May 6 after stealing Rs 18,000 and some gold from my father. Tinku took me to his village and we were married by a local priest there. I still don’t know why he decided to kill me,” Madhuri said.

Her husband proposed about a fortnight later that that they should go to New Delhi to get their Aadhaar biometric identity cards made.

The couple landed in the national capital around the first week of June and Tinku took her to a relative’s home in Narela. They stayed for a few days there, but Madhuri said she “sensed something wrong” and asked him to take her home.

“That afternoon he told me we would go sightseeing. He took me to a restaurant in Pul Prahaldpur where we had dinner. Then he took me to a terrace of an under-construction building. It was dark,” she said.

“On the terrace, I remember him slapping me and hurling a brick that hit my head. The next thing I remember is I woke up at the hospital with no memory.”

She was found unconscious by carpenters at a construction site in south Delhi. They alerted police and she was admitted to hospital, where doctors painstakingly tried to revive her from coma and memory loss.

Police registered a case of attempted murder but the investigation made no progress as the woman couldn’t offer a lead.

Madhuri regained her memory bit by bit and told police on September 27 that her husband tried to kill her.

“Her statement was recorded and she accused Ravi Singh of attacking her,” said deputy commissioner of police (southeast) Romil Baaniya.

Her husband could not believe his ears when cops visited his home and disclosed that Madhuri is alive. Investigators said Singh loved another woman and seduced Madhuri only for money.

Her father, farmer Satish Chand, thanked god for giving his daughter back. The family searched for her for months before he got a call from the New Delhi hospital about her on September 27.

“Police should never let him out on bail. That man must be duping innocent girls like my daughter,” he said.

The family took her home after she was discharged from hospital. She promised her father she will never take calls from any unknown number.

“I don’t use a phone now. I use my father’s phone. Is that man suffering in jail?”