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Lok Sabha Test Passed, Bill To Control Delhi Officers In Rajya Sabha Today



Lok Sabha Test Passed, Bill To Control Delhi Officers In Rajya Sabha Today

Lok Sabha Test Passed, Bill To Control Delhi Officers In Rajya Sabha Today

New Delhi: The controversial Delhi Services Bill will be in Rajya Sabha today for discussion and vote. Though bitterly resisted by the Opposition, it is expected to have a smooth sailing, given the support from Naveen Patnaik’s BJD and Andhra’s YSR Congress.

Here are 10 points about this big story:

  1. The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2023, – which replaces that Ordinance that wrested control of bureaucrats from the Delhi government — has already passed the Lok Sabha test. It was passed by a voice vote on Thursday amid a walkout by the Opposition.  
  2. The hiccup was expected in Rajya Sabha, where the NDA is yet to cross the majority mark. The current strength of Rajya Sabha is 237 and the majority mark stands at 119.
  3. The BJP and its allies have 105 members and will get the support of Biju Janata Dal and Andhra Pradesh’s ruling YSR Congress, each of which has nine MPs. The ruling party is also confident of the support of five nominated and two independent MPs, which takes its numbers to 130.  
  4. The Opposition coalition INDIA has 104 MPs. Some of them are unwell and may not attend the proceedings. Aam Aadmi Party’s Sanjay Singh has been suspended from the House.   
  5. Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party and two other parties, which have one member each, are not likely to participate either.  Any absence will bring down the majority mark and the bill is likely to get passed.
  6. The opposition, which rallied to block the bill through the efforts of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, admits that the numbers are not on their side. But they say the debate will give them a chance to say their piece.
  7. The Ordinance the bill would replace was passed in May. It overrode a Supreme Court order that ceded Delhi’s administrative control to the elected government. After an eight-year tussle between the Centre and the Arvind Kejriwal government, the Supreme Court had ruled that the elected government is the boss of Delhi.
  8. The Ordinance created a National Capital Civil Services Authority which is tasked with postings and transfers of bureaucrats serving in Delhi. The Chief Minister, the Chief Secretary and the Principal Home Secretary are members who can vote on issues. The final arbiter is the Lieutenant Governor.  
  9. Mr Kejriwal’s AAP has contended that the new rule will create a precedent that would enable the Centre to sideline any elected government in any state and take control of governance. The Ordinance, Mr Kejriwal said, rubbishes Delhi’s mandate – won by AAP twice – and is a fraud perpetrated on the people.  
  10. “The opposition’s priority is to save their alliance. The opposition is not worried about Manipur… Delhi is not a state but a Union Territory… The Parliament has the right to make laws for Delhi,” Union minister Amit Shah, who will move the bill in the upper house, has said.

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