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G20 summit: 700 workers, 132 machines for cleaning Delhi roads



G20 summit: 700 workers, 132 machines for cleaning Delhi roads

Ahead of the G20 Summit in the capital, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will oversee the cleanup of 44 arterial stretches, which involves the deployment of 704 field workers working daily double shifts and 132 mechanised cleaning equipment, civic body officials said.

For this purpose, MCD’s engineering department has formed teams comprising members of the sanitation, horticulture and maintenance departments, officials said.

A senior MCD official, overseeing preparations related to the G20 event, said that 15 sanitation and field workers are being allocated for each stretch identified.

“Three types of machineries have been allocated for each road — mechanical road sweepers, anti-smog machines and water sprinkler. One dedicated MRS will be deployed for each of these roads and the cleaning will be carried out in double shifts — morning and night cleaning,” the official said, adding that 44 vehicles from MCD’s fleet of 52 MSRs will be reserved for G20 designated roads.

On Wednesday, the civic body had stated that in addition to 26 roads which were earlier identified for special G20 cleaning drives, another 18 roads have been added to its list.

Meanwhile, MCD has written letters to Delhi Police for issuing security passes to the field workers being deployed on these roads. Unlike New Delhi Municipal Council, which plans to distribute new set of orange-grey uniforms for G20 field workers, MCD will only provide fluorescent green jackets to the workers on G20 duty.

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