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Champai Soren to face floor test today, BJP says ‘Jharkhand has lost’



Champai Soren to face floor test today, BJP says 'Jharkhand has lost'

Champai Soren to face floor test today, BJP says ‘Jharkhand has lost’

Jharkhand’s new chief minister, Champai Soren will face the floor test at 11 am today, to prove his majority in the assembly. The politician assumed the top post after his boss Hemant Soren resigned before being arrested by the Enforcement Directorate last week. The ruling JMM-led alliance, which had sequestered its MLAs in a resort in Hyderabad to prevent poaching, brought back its leaders to Ranchi on Sunday evening.

While the JMM is asserting that the floor test is “just a formality” since they have the support of 47 MLAs, the BJP claimed the coalition’s move to hide its MLAs show a lack of confidence.

Here are the top updates:

  1. Champai Soren formed a government amid allegations of deliberate delay by the governor. He has claimed the support of 43 MLAs in the 81-member Jharkhand assembly. The BJP-led NDA has 29 MLAs in the assembly, including BJP’s 26 MLAs and AJSU’s three.
  2. After Hemant Soren was arrested on January 31 by the ED in an alleged land scam case, his close aide Champai Soren went to the governor claiming the support of 43 MLAs. However, some MLAs did not sign the support letter but they are still with the coalition.
  3. According to reports, some of the JMM MLAs, who did not support Champai Soren, may not participate in the floor test.
  4. Jharkhand’s former chief minister Hemant Soren will walk out of jail on Monday to attend the voting process during the floor test after a special court in Ranchi permitted him on Saturday.
  5. Upon arrival in Ranchi, JMM-led alliance MLAs exuded confidence to win the trust vote, claiming that they had the support of 48 to 50 legislators. JMM lawmaker Mithilesh Thakur claimed that some of the BJP MLAs are also in support of the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ in the state.
  6. According to JMM’s Manoj Pandey, the floor test is just a “formality”. “The spirit of the opposition is already low seeing the numbers and the unity of the INDIA alliance. The figure can also cross 48. Our party, our alliance is united,” he said.
  7. Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Pratul Shah Deo said that whatever the result may be of the floor test, “Jharkhand has lost”. “The way Jharkhand was humiliated in front of the national and international community is absolutely shocking. A chief minister was a fugitive on the run for 40 hours without any trace, without any contact with the top officials of the state. The people of the state were left at their own mercy,” he said. The chief whip of the BJP, Biranchi Narain asserted that the JMM-led coalition was set to lose the vote of confidence.
  8. Jharkhand leader of opposition Amar Kumari Bauri also hit out at the previous state government led by Hemant Soren saying that instead of fulfilling the promises, they gave priority to corruption. “We hope he (Champai Soren) will fulfill the promises for which they were elected…Their (JMM and Congress) MLAs are still in custody. Today in the Assembly, we want to know what their (MLAs) conscience will say,” he said.
  9. The JMM-led alliance MLAs, who were at a resort in Hyderabad for the past three days, were flown in two flights amid the coalition’s fear that the BJP might attempt to “poach” them in the run-up to the trust vote.
  10. One of the JMM MLAs Lobin Hembrom on Sunday criticised the move to take the MLAs at a lavish resort in Hyderabad. However, the JMM leadership has said that Hembrom will be voting in favour of the coalition government.

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