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Preparing to deal with possibility of floods on war footing, says Atishi



Preparing to deal with possibility of floods on war footing, says Atishi

Public Works Department Minister Atishi on Wednesday visited the Old Railway Bridge and Yamuna Bazaar to review monsoon preparedness, and said the government is preparing to deal with any flood-like situation “on a war footing”. Both areas in central Delhi had been heavily inundated in last year’s flood, when the Yamuna river reached its highest water level in 45 years.

During the inspection, officials informed the Minister that all departments are prepared to set up relief camps in the case of floods, and motor boats, divers and medical teams have also been readied for any situation.

Ms. Atishi said due to heavy rain during the monsoon. cloudburst-like situations often occur, causing areas to be flooded in a short amount of time.

“In such a situation, we are keeping a close watch on the upper parts of the Yamuna so that the Delhi government is ready to deal with any possible threat of flood. This year, the Delhi government is prepared, and if people have to be evacuated from low-lying areas in the case of a flood, then we are ready for that, too,” she said.

The Yamuna’s water level is currently below the danger mark, the Minister said. “Last time, the Yamuna’s water level had breached 208 metres. Right now, it is at 202.6 metres, which is much below the danger mark. However, the Delhi government is still alert and cautious,” she added.

Ms. Atishi said residents of Yamuna Bazaar would be evacuated if the river level crosses 205 metres at the Old Railway Bridge. She also urged residents to cooperate, as last year, many did not leave the area on time. 

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